Umbrellas 101

It’s that rainy time of year coming up, and the perfect time to think about umbrellas as marketing tools. Whether it’s for golf outings or personal use, umbrellas can’t be beat for the length of time the recipient will hold onto them and the marketing exposure they offer.

When in the market for umbrellas, the following things should be kept in mind:

Stick or Folding:
Stick umbrellas are much stronger than folding ones. Each joint in a folding umbrella which allows you to fold it down creates a point of weakness. You sacrifice strength for convenience.

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Ribs and Frame:
The ribs of an umbrella are the rods which spread out and attach to the canopy. Coated ribs will better protect against rust and corrosion. The ribs and frame are usually made up of aluminum, steel or fiberglass. Aluminum is the least expensive, but also the most likely to break and bend. Steel, while much stronger, is more rigid and can break at the rivets in a strong wind. Fiberglass, though pricier, is stronger and flexible, making it better able to handle very strong gusts.

Vented Canopy:
A vented canopy, or double canopy, is common on golf umbrellas due to their normally larger arc size. The vent allows wind to pass through the canopy rather than invert it. Some smaller umbrellas are now available vented.

The Gustbuster is the umbrella of choice for touring pros. It can withstand up to 60mph gusts without inverting. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Check out more details here:  GUSTBUSTER

Fiberglass or Metal:
As discussed above, fiberglass offers more flexibility in wind gusts, decreasing the chances of damage to the umbrella. Another advantage of fiberglass is that it does not conduct electricity, making it much safer in a lightning storm.

Some fast facts about umbrellas:

  • average imprint area is 7″x5″ and can go up to the entire umbrella canopy — great advertising space!
  • golf outings are perfect for umbrellas – cheaper than golf balls and don’t end up at the bottom of the lake!
  • great item for gift with purchase
  • rule of thumb:  everyone needs at least 3 umbrellas – it’s a personal accessory
  • perfect appreciation gift – the recipient will hold on to it for years
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