Bamboo has popped up in the past couple years as a very popular, eco-friendly material in a lot of different items. Bamboo is a renewable resource which grows rapidly and is harvested with little impact to the environment, making it a good alternative to hard woods such as maple.

In cutting boards, bamboo makes a great choice since it is lightweight, yet durable and strong. Cutting with a knife on bamboo board helps prevent dulling since bamboo doesn’t cause friction with the blade like hardwood or plastic boards will. Since bamboo is so strong, it also allows for heavy duty cutting without the worry of shattering or splintering the board.
In addition, bamboo is a bacteria inhibitor. The board surface is very compact, without indentations or grooves which commonly harbor bacteria in other wood boards. All types of foods can be cut on bamboo boards. Cleaning bamboo boards is also easy and care-free. They are less prone to warping or splinting since they absorb little moisture.
Fabrics made from bamboo also offer some great benefits. The fibers contain channels which help absorb moisture, wicking it away from the skin, leaving the wearer cool and dry. Bamboo fabric also will have a soft smooth feel making it a very comfortable fabric to wear. And on the practical side, it can be machine washed and dried.

If you’re interested in using promotions that are eco-friendly, stylish and practical, ask about bamboo items the next time you call.