Keepin’ It Cool – What Type of Coolie Works Best?

Confused about the types of beverage insulators out there? Wonder what’s the difference between scuba and neoprene? Wonder why they call it scuba when diving suits are made out of neoprene?

Here’s a quick rundown on the types of coolie materials commonly used:

Scuba: Open cell polyurethane foam with a polyester fabric on one side and tricot on the other.
Neoprene: Closed cell rubber-based product with polyester or nylon fabric on both sides.
The photo shows the scuba on the left, neoprene on the right.
Now, what does that mean? In a nutshell, open cell has more air pockets and is thus, less insulating. Since closed cell is much denser, it blocks transfer of heat much better, keeping your beverage cooler for longer.
So why choose scuba over neoprene? Price. It was developed as a cheaper alternative to neoprene, but the tradeoff is it won’t insulate as well.
So when choosing an insulator, the decision is yours – less expensive, but won’t perform as well, or spend a little more for a better product.
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