It seems that as budgets are getting slashed, customers everywhere are searching for cheaper prices. The question I ask is, “Are people really searching for cheaper prices or for more bang for their buck?”

Value vs. Price
There is a huge difference between a cheap price and value. Do clients want a junkie stick pen that may clog and smear or may not even write at all? I believe that this is a resounding “No!” What is the value of a pen that will end up in the trash?
Often times, when a client works with a direct warehouse online, the supplier will not advise a client that the product they are looking at purchasing may not be the best choice for them.

We’re Here For You
At The Creative J, we know that there are plenty of companies in our area that would kill to get some of our customers. We keep them because we are able to find the perfect product for each client based on their specific needs. Our goal is to make your job easier. We love building relationships and working to keep every customer as happy as possible.
It is not often that we sell something simple. Most clients do not ask for or want a one-color imprint on a pen or provide us with camera-ready art. Many times, clients do not allow for a lot of time between ordering and the event. As professionals, we work one-on-one with our clients and are able to manage these challenges. When you work with The Creative J, you are involved in a very personal process that helps ensure orders are completed correctly and efficiently.

Building Relationships
Ask yourself, would an internet company know, or even care, that you used them six months ago for a pen order and that they could save you a new screen charge?
At The Creative J, we offer more than 50 combined years of experience in this industry. We are never shy about calling a supplier and asking them for a favor. The reason we are all here is to keep you, the customer, happy. We know which suppliers to use and more importantly, which ones to avoid.

Satisfaction After The Sale
It is important to note that price is only part of a purchasing decision. Many other factors should be considered like knowledge of products, the industry, shipping and art.
It is imperative for our clients to know that should there be an issue with an order, we will move heaven and earth to see that our clients are completely satisfied with the product they thought they were getting.

The Creative J will be a far greater resource for you than any voice on the end of any telephone or at the receiving end of any email. No internet entity will give you better service or fight harder to keep your business than we will. If you choose to use an internet supplier, we will shake your hand, wish you the best of luck with your gamble and hope that when, not if, things go awry with that internet company, that you will remember that we will always take the time to give you a quote, make personal sales calls, and suggest two or three other ways to reach the same goal.