Figuring Out Cooler Liners

This time of year is perfect for thinking about coolers. They make a great gift for customers and employees. In addition, anyone receiving a cooler will invariably hold onto it, making it a lasting marketing presence.

When looking at various types of coolers, you’ll notice there are several different types of liners. To help clear some of the confusion, here’s a short chart on the differences:

Heat Sealed Liner:  These provide a leak-resistant barrier and are able to hold water. Not recommended for loose ice as it can misshape and tear a soft liner. Usually made of PEVA, a non-toxic vinyl which has been replacing the use of PVC.

Silver Foil Liner:  Sometimes referred to as a thermo-liner, this is good for warm and cold items, but is not leak proof. Usually the least expensive of the liner types.

Hard Plastic Removable Liner:  A good choice for convenient cleaning and for using loose ice.

Clear Plastic Removable Liner:  A soft, leakproof liner which can be removed for easier cleaning.

To best insulate your items in a cooler, follow these tips:


  • Keep your cooler out of the sun.
  • Keep the cooler off the ground as it can absorb the ground heat and transfer it to the contents.
  • Pack items tightly inside the cooler to minimize air circulation which can warm the contents.
  • Always keep the cooler closed when not in use.



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