If you’ve bought promotional products in the past, I’m sure you’ve noticed most of the items come with a “Made in China” sticker or tag attached. You may have even asked for products only made in the USA, to find there wasn’t much readily available, or not the items you were hoping to purchase.

That trend is starting to change. With the downturn in the economy, the call for American-made products has grown stronger. In fact, a quick check of our supplier database shows that over 500 suppliers now offer American-made products. We can source products in almost every category, the lone exception being electronics. USB drives, MP3 players, computer accessories and other electronics are imported.

The major drawback in buying American? It all comes down to price. Most products are just going to be cheaper if they are imported, due mainly to labor costs. However, with American-made products, there tends to be greater control over quality, service and safety concerns.
If using American-made products in your marketing efforts is important to you and your company, make sure you express that need when speaking with your consultant here at The Creative J. We’ll target our research on the manufacturers who make their products here in the US. Offering this option is just one of the many services we’re happy to extend to our customers.