Don’t you just love small town parades? I was at the Elkhorn Days parade this weekend, watching my kids participate with their karate school, and just had a great time.

The parade was delayed for an hour due to the rain, and I think that caused several of the entries to not show up, but it turned out to be a beautiful day and everyone had a great time.
Parades and PromosAs I sat on the curb, watching each entry go by, it occurred to me that these parades are really an advertisement for the businesses & organizations in the community. As each car, truck, flatbed, or wagon passed by the judge’s table, the emcee would announce the business name and give a short little plug of their services or product. Since the majority of the entries were businesses, it really was a FUN rolling/walking advertising opportunity for all of them. What better way to reach their local customers and to show off their personalities along with their services?
Of course, it goes without saying that they were all handing and throwing out a variety of promotional items (and candy). Plus, most of them were wearing tshirts made just for the event. I saw frisbees, stress balls, pencils, koozies, plastic bags, yo-yo’s, fliers, postcards, stickers (can’t forget the politicians!), wristbands, and lots and lots of Tootsie Rolls!
The kids went crazy over it all, and of course, us adults had to check it all over carefully ourselves to make sure the candy was ok! But in the course of doing so, those items that were imprinted with the business’s logo, stood out and made us take a second look. Maybe I hadn’t heard of that business before, but now, seeing their logo on one of those items has imprinted it in my memory and I will know who they are when I hear or see their name next. Or, if I’m in need of one of those services, I’ll probably remember their name and give them a call.
Now, if there was a way to imprint a funnel cake………….