Inspire Loyalty – Eat Your Heaties


This company decided to inspire loyalty within its season ticket holders by creating a buzz with unique packaging and promotions. Instead of the standard envelope with tickets, this minor league baseball team used a custom cereal box filled with fun items.

Wouldn’t receiving this fun package inspire you to get excited about the upcoming season?

Case Study – Inspire Loyalty

Create a Buzz with Unique Packaging

Cereal Box


Inspire loyalty among season ticket holders and create buzz for the upcoming minor league baseball season.

Strategy Execution

We began brainstorming ideas in November 2014 for a fun way to package season tickets. Previously used concepts included a custom home plate box, metal tin/lunch box, and a wooden cigar box all designed and printed with Dayton Dragons branding. We designed and presented an imitation of a Wheaties cereal box, using the Dragons mascot, Heater, on the front of the box and called it “Heaties”.

The box contained a sample of the Limited Edition cereal, season tickets and owner’s manual, magnet and pocket schedule, and a “free prize” (custom promotional keychains). The full-imprint on the box was jam-packed with information such as the opening date, Dayton Dragons social media icons, serving sizes (of fun!), alumni players, QR codes, “best if used by date” (the date of the last home game in the 2015 season), and six puzzles and quizzes. All the giveaway promotional materials were delivered by March for final distribution to the season ticket holder recipients.


92% retention rate for season ticket holders. We kept the project within budget and delivered on time. The impression this promotion makes sets the tone for opening day and increases overall game attendance.

Inspire Loyalty Fun Product Ideas

  Cereal Box

Schedule Magnets 

Baseball Bat Key Ring 

Bagged Treats

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