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Packaging Included – Pop Your Promos

Packaging Included – that’s the latest trend we’re finding in the promo world. Many of our suppliers are now adding the option for fully customized packaging with select products.

Just think of the possibilities!

Hand out a tumbler, it’s just a tumbler with your logo. Add custom packaging and now it’s a fully integrated marketing piece.

With this new program which pairs packaging with the items, the additional cost for packaging is minimal. Pen sleeves start at just $.50 for full color, fully custom imprint!

But who’s going to create all that artwork? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With your ideas, or even our own, we’ll create custom artwork that will make your product pop.

It’s time to take promotional marketing beyond the swag…. let’s work together to make it advertising at it’s best – packaging included!


Packging Included 2

Don’t just hand out a pen, make it work for you. Include a custom sleeve and now it’s a true marketing piece.

Packaging Included 3

Integrate the product into the packaging message.

Packaging Included 1

Create beautiful retail-inspired boxes.

Packaging Included 5

Even a simple coolie can become a marketing package, far beyond it’s normal use.


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