Creating Awareness of Products & Services

Creating Awareness of Your Products and Services

Creating awareness of your products and services can be a bit daunting. How can you spend your advertising dollars in a way which will create the biggest impact and return on your investment? Studies have shown that using promotional marketing in your advertising campaigns leads to the greatest recall of any other media.

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What is it about promotional marketing that causes it to create such an impact? Why do 82% of the recipients of a promotional product remember the advertiser, while only 27% of online ad viewers can do the same?

Because it’s tangible. It can be held. It can be experienced. It can create a trigger or a call to action. And if it’s the right item, with the right message, it can last. It can be reused or viewed or remembered. And all of that helps to imprint your message, brand, product and services into the recipient’s mind.

The case study below demonstrates how effective (and fun) promotional marketing can be:


Case Study – A Race to Success

Increased Sales by 250 Percent

creating awareness The Creative J


To increase awareness and sales of a new American General Annuity product by 100 percent.

Strategy Execution

Targeting 2,000 agents in one of its selected banking institutions, American General Annuity launched the highly effective “Race To Success” campaign.

The auto race theme was supported by a series of scheduled mailings consisting of items such as a race car tumbler, a race car shaped pen and sticky notes with racing graphics. The mailings also displayed several messages using racetrack terms and clever wordplays to explain the annuity product and its features.

The first mailing contained coupons that could be redeemed for the first and fifth sales of the product. The first sale coupon was redeemed for a 13-piece tool kit featuring the “Race To Success” imprint. The fifth sale coupon earned the holder a mini-maglite with racing graphics.


The program, lasting only two months, generated enough interest in the product to increase sales 250 percent-well above the anticipated goal.


The right marketing campaign will create a connection with the recipient, building the foundation for a relationship. This is promotional marketing that works!


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