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Camo + Activewear = Fun Performance

Camo-themed items has been a hot design trend the past couple years. From coolies and tumblers to hats and bags, it seems to be everywhere. Now, new for 2015, camo is taken a step further:  incorporated into trendy, fashionable designs in active and sportswear, from our favorite warehouse supplier, Sanmar. They’ve rolled out a new […]

Tradeshow Planning

We’re almost to that season… No, not Christmas and the holidays, but Tradeshow Season. Winter and spring seem to be primetime for tradeshows. If you plan to exhibit at an upcoming tradeshow, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:. 1.  Set A Goal – What do you plan to gain by exhibiting? You […]

Wear Tested – The Softest Sweatshirt You’ll Ever Own

What says fall more than a soft, comfy sweatshirt? We ran across one that can’t be beat. Its 80% cotton/20% poly brushed-back jersey fleece makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in your favorite plush blanket. And like Goldilock’s porridge, it’s medium weight of 7oz is just right. Add a tagless label, rib v-notch and […]

Charge Ahead – Mobile Power Banks

One of the most popular products this year is mobile device chargers or power banks. It seem almost every supplier in our industry has added a variety of chargers, all with different price points and mAh levels.   And what the heck is an mAh?   Milliampere hours, or mAh, is the standard measurement of […]

Embroider It Right

We work with a lot of embroidery orders, and getting the art right can sometimes be a bit tricky. Artwork for embroidery tends to have more restrictions than other types of imprints, so care to detail is a must. Here’s a quick overview of the basic requirements for embroidery: Start with a good, clean vector […]

Congratulations Rachel – T.A.S.

Congrats to our Rachel Valdez for achieving the industry’s Trained Advertising Specialist designation, T.A.S. In order to receive this designation, she completed a set of required courses spanning a wide range of areas covering promotional product sales, service, artwork, decorating, safety, product and business topics. Education and continuing training for our staff is a high […]