Opening Illustrator Files in Older Versions

It can be costly to keep up on the latest versions of all your software. If you’re like us, you don’t automatically upgrade as soon as a new version comes out. However, if you have to work with files someone else has created in a newer version, it can cause some problems if you don’t upgrade.

I just came across a neat little trick if you’re dealing with this situation in Illustrator. We’ve started receiving files created in CS6, while we currently are running CS5. Now if the files are saved as PDF’s instead of EPS or AI format, it’s not an issue. They will open up fine in CS5. However, if they are EPS or AI, they won’t open. This can cause some lost time and also some frustration on both sides, trying to get files in a different format.

However, instead of requesting a new file format, here’s a simple work around:

Create a new document in Illustrator, then place the newer version file. It will bring in the outlines and elements from the newer version. You may need to remove a clipping path or two, but all the elements will be there, available for editing.

Next time you run into this situation, give it a try!

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