Power Banks – Recalls and Cease & Desist Letters

When connecting your high-dollar phone to any sort of power device, you want to be certain the energy source is not going to damage your phone.

We’revery proactive with our suppliers to make sure we only sell certified and tested products. Below is a statement from our main supplier, KTI, about their standards:

“As most of you are aware, power banks and cables have been the center of quite a few Unknownissues – the Apple Cease and Desist letter that many suppliers have received and the Powerbank recall being two of the main headliners.

I have been asked by a few “Are KTI products involved with the recent recall and/or did KTI get a Cease and Desist letter from Apple?”  In short, no.  We certify all of our power banks to prevent this sort of issue coming up with anything purchased from us.  And we foresaw issues like this with Apple, so we have never offered any lightning cables or adapters that are not Apple MFI certified.(regardless of pressure to offer and sell at a low price).
You can count on us to continue this trend.  We watch out for your reputation.
I want you ensure you all KTI power banks have certifications and are not a part of the recall and KTI does not resell any cables without Apple MFI license.”
Be sure to ask if items are tested and certified when inquiring about any electronic devices. The last thing you want when handing out these items to your employees, customers, friends or family, is to have them come back to tell you the device shorted out their expensive electronics!
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