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It Just Works – Promotional Products Work Week



You may think “Swag” or “Stuff” or “Tchotchke” instead of “Promotional Products,” but all those terms reflect the same advertising industry which we are so proudly a member.

We often think of ourselves as the “silent” advertising profession. Everyone hears about radio, tv, print and newspaper advertising, but it’s not often that “Promotional Product Advertising” gets mentioned as part of the advertising industry. Even in marketing and advertising classrooms, it remains an almost forgotten branch of the advertising world.

However, our industry is a $20+ billion one with more than 33,000 businesses – 97 percent of which are small businesses – and includes almost 500,000 professionals. In dollars spent, it’s a very vibrant and growing industry, outpacing radio and magazine advertising.

The week of May 18, 2015, has been designated “Promotional Products Work Week” by our industry non-profit organization, Promotional Product Association International (PPAI).

As members of PPAI, we all work to create awareness for the value promotional products
deliver to advertisers and marketers; as well as the positive impact promotional products businesses have on the
U.S. economy, job creation and community enrichment.

Consumers love promotional products! PPAI research clearly demonstrates the power of the advertising medium as
the most cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience in a tangible, long-lasting and memorable manner.

The info graphic below outlines some relevant statistics about the power of promotional products as an advertising medium. With 88% of recipients able to recall the advertiser, the influence of promotional products is convincing.

The Creative J is happy to be part of such a great industry as well as a member of PPAI. We are lucky to be in an industry that has such a strong trade organization and advocate for our business success. We also thank all our customers who have been such an important part of our success.

Burlap and Neoprene…Together…at last?

Now here’s something I really haven’t seen in our industry…. burlap… and neoprene…together!

Brand new from one of our favorite suppliers, a line of burlap and neoprene items. Coolies, key tags, wine holders, lunch bags and more. And to top it off, you can mix and match neoprene and stitch colors to truly create a custom look.

“Consider using products as packaging.”

It really does make a unique look. Create a custom gift set. Wouldn’t these make a great alternative to standard packaging? Ordering tshirts for your employees? Why not pack each one in on of these lunch bags or iPad sleeves instead? Sponsoring a luncheon or conference? Use the key holder as a napkin ring at each place setting. Put your business card in the card guard and use as a leave-behind that will leave an impression.

And, if you’ve got your own idea of a product you’d like to have using these materials, they can do it. Everything is cut and sewn on demand, so just about any custom shape or item you might need can be created.





Parades and Promos Go Together

The Power of Promotional Products

PPAI, the non-profit trade organization for the promotional products industry, has just released their latest research on the power of promotional products. The findings reinforce past studies — consumers like receiving promotional items, they tend to remember the company that gave them out, and they tend to hold on to the item, creating multiple impressions of the product or brand.

The study also shows that promotional products advertising has a 15-50% higher recall rate than tv, print and online advertising — a great bang for the buck.

Some quick facts:
• 83% of consumers surveyed like receiving promotional items
• 48% would like to receive them more often
• 69% generally will keep the item if it is useful
• 36% generally will give it to someone else if they don’t have a use for it, expanding it’s exposure
• 35% generally keep the product if they like the advertiser
• Decreases in advertising dollars are the least for promotional products as compared to other mediums
• A significantly more positive impact on brand image is projected by promotional products than other mediums

The PPAI website has a host of research and facts about the impact of promotional products. It’s a great source when you are considering your advertising budgets and the impact you wish to create.