Make ‘Em Look – 3 Tradeshow Tricks

You’ve got your trade show exhibit booth reserved, you’ve got your handouts printed, giveaways ordered, and raffle or other draw prepared. But how are you going to catch the attention of everyone who passes by your booth? What’s going to make them stop and take a second look before heading off to that eye-catching booth they see down the aisle?

Exhibitor Online has twelve tricks for table top displays, here’s three top ones:


One Big Image


Using one large image on your display will create a focal point which will be much more likely to draw people in. You only have a one or two second window to grab someone’s attention, so a single, attention-grabbing image will help pull them out of the aisle and into your booth.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Text


Use too much text and nobody’s going to read it. Don’t use enough, and they won’t know what you’re about. According to experts, about 10 words along with your logo are a good balance. Focus on the benefit you provide, not on details.


Use Simple, Clean Fonts


Make your words easy to read from the aisle. A sans serif font like Helvetica or Myriad, large enough to be readable from several feet away. A good rule of thumb is that your headline should be 4 inches tall or more.

When it comes down to it, the goal of a tradeshow booth is to generate interest to create awareness of your organization or to grow your business. None of that will happen if your booth doesn’t draw attention.


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