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April News – Safety Programs Can Return 6x Their Cost

Safety Programs Bring Returns:  Involving employees in safety awareness programs helps create better safety habits and reduces injuries.

Read about ways to incorporate promotional marketing into your safety and health programs.

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March News – Customer Appreciation Builds Opportunities

 Show Customer Appreciation:  With every customer you have the opportunity to expand your reach and grow your business.

Provide a great product, demonstrate exceptional customer service or a solve a problem and word travels.

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Thank Customers The Creative J

February News – Create Awareness

Promos are fun marketing!  Use promotional items to spread goodwill and create awareness for your brand. Some great opportunities are at sporting events, festivals and celebrations.
Try handing out frisbees at a Fourth of July parade, or providing bottles of water at a Fun Run.  Public relations can be fun, and fun things are memorable.

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Create Awareness


January News – Build Connections at Tradeshows

Promotional products are a great tool to drive traffic to your trade show booth, build connections, and to keep your name top of mind after the show.
Using colorful displays, targeted pre-show mailings, and handing out useful, unique items helps make a memorable impression with potential new clients.

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Not Your Typical Mobile Marketing

Calling all trade show exhibitors!  Looking for eye-catching, yet cost-effective display options for your booth or exhibit table?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you: Table Top X-Stand and Retractable Banners.

Did you notice one key phrase there? ….Table Top! No more lugging around gigantic floor banners, stands and cases. (Your back will thank you.)

We like to call these two products mobile marketing because the huge display area allows you to market you Table Top X-Stand & Retractable Bannerbrand but is still small enough to take everywhere.

Another advantage: the graphics can be changed out easily – a great cost effective way to update your change your message to fit the occasion.  Now companies with numerous products, events or services to advertise have the ability to do just that with these lightweight, low cost, and easily transportable banners and stands.

We are sure that you will love these two mobile marketing products. For more great trade show and exhibit ideas, give us a call. We’re here to help you find solutions which will bring you the results you need.

Make ‘Em Look – 3 Tradeshow Tricks

You’ve got your trade show exhibit booth reserved, you’ve got your handouts printed, giveaways ordered, and raffle or other draw prepared. But how are you going to catch the attention of everyone who passes by your booth? What’s going to make them stop and take a second look before heading off to that eye-catching booth they see down the aisle?

Exhibitor Online has twelve tricks for table top displays, here’s three top ones:


One Big Image


Using one large image on your display will create a focal point which will be much more likely to draw people in. You only have a one or two second window to grab someone’s attention, so a single, attention-grabbing image will help pull them out of the aisle and into your booth.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Text


Use too much text and nobody’s going to read it. Don’t use enough, and they won’t know what you’re about. According to experts, about 10 words along with your logo are a good balance. Focus on the benefit you provide, not on details.


Use Simple, Clean Fonts


Make your words easy to read from the aisle. A sans serif font like Helvetica or Myriad, large enough to be readable from several feet away. A good rule of thumb is that your headline should be 4 inches tall or more.

When it comes down to it, the goal of a tradeshow booth is to generate interest to create awareness of your organization or to grow your business. None of that will happen if your booth doesn’t draw attention.


Tradeshow Planning


We’re almost to that season… No, not Christmas and the holidays, but Tradeshow Season. Winter and spring seem to be primetime for tradeshows. If you plan to exhibit at an upcoming tradeshow, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:.

1.  Set A Goal – What do you plan to gain by exhibiting?
You spend a lot of time, money and energy planning for a tradeshow. Make sure you have measurable goals defined. You’ll be able to clearly track and measure your results in relation to the goals you set. Most goals are going to be either sales or communication related. Such as:

  • Sales related – showcase your products and services, find the decision makers, influence customer attitudes, open doors for future sales calls
  • Communication related – meet your customers, establish your company image, learn new industry trends, gather information about competitors, obtain feedback
For example, your goal might be to talk with at least 50 people of which you can qualify at least 10 prospects for future business.
2.  Staff Your Booth with Trained People
Staff should be well-trained on your product or services, friendly, and well presented. They should also understand your goals for the tradeshow and their role in achieving those goals. They need to come across as friendly and knowledgeable to anyone who stops at your booth.
3.  Create a Budget
Draw up a budget so that costs can be kept in check. Don’t forget to include display items and giveaways, such as banners, tablecloths, promotional materials and dining.
4.  Create an Eye-Catching and Effective Display
You won’t reach your goals if nobody stops at your booth, so it’s vital to have an eye-catching and inviting display.
  • Shoot for a high traffic location – look for locations near entrances, concessions, restrooms or near major exhibitors. Avoid dead-end aisles, obstructive columns, loading docks or other low traffic areas.
  • Appeal to the senses – display your products or services in a variety of ways so that attendees can see, touch, hear or taste them. Use colorful visuals, employ background music or sound, offer demonstrations.
  • Keep it simple – don’t go overwhelm with your graphics or “stuff”. One large photo or graphic that can be seen from down the aisle may have a greater impact than many smaller graphics. Use a catchy or simple slogan which readily identifies your business.
  • Gimmicks work – Drive traffic to your booth with contests and giveaways. Offer incentives or rewards to attendees who bring others back to your booth. Give out crazy hats or bags that will be seen all over the show floor.


5.  Promote Your Presence
No matter how good your booth looks, it will fail if nobody shows up. Strong pre-show promotion is a must. Studies show that 76% of all show attendees arrive with an agenda. You need to ensure that your booth is part of their agenda.
  • Call top customers and prospects, let them know where to find you at the show or set up meetings.
  • Send out mailings – include a small giveaway with the mailing to increase awareness. A simple magnet, card, or contest piece will keep you top of mind and is proven to increase attendance.
  • Email one or two reminders before the show.
6.  Be Approachable and Generate Leads
Being proactive at your booth will generate more conversations and thus more leads. Be proactive by initiating the conversation with the visitor. Use good opening questions such as:
  • “What brings you to the show this year?”
  • “What caught your eye in our booth?”
  • “Have you found what you’re looking for at the show this year?”
Generate qualified leads by determining the following about your booth visitors:
  • What role does this prospect play in the decision making?
  • Can they use your product or services in their company or department?
  • How long do they need in order to make a decision?
  • Are there any obstacles to your company conducting business with this person?
  • Gather their contact information
7.  Plan Your Followup Strategy
Decide on your followup strategy before the show. You’ll be able to reach out to the contacts you made while the show is still fresh in their minds.
  • Make followup a priority – it’s your number 1 task to make sure your tradeshow was successful.
  • Create a mailing before the show that’s ready to send out as soon as the show is over.
  • Qualify leads during the show – rank your leads while at the show and contact the hottest ones immediately upon your return to work.
  • Keep your promises – make sure you followup on any promises you made at your booth.
This is just a brief overview of some things to consider before exhibiting at a tradeshow. For some creative ideas for exhibit display items, giveaways, and traffic generators, contact your rep at The Creative J.Unknown