When you think of calendars as an advertising vehicle, visions of the Norman Rockwell calendar you would pick up at your local pharmacy are probably what come to mind. And that design still remains a pretty popular one: Norman Rockwell Calendar.

Calendars have been around forever, but they still remain a very popular advertising medium for businesses. Why? It’s simple: They provide continuous marketing every day of the year. What other product is guaranteed to make an impression daily on your customer? When a customer receives a calendar, they put it up on the wall, put it on their desk, or stick it in their car… and then it stays there for a year, constantly reminding them of who gave it to them.

No matter what your budget or preference, you can find a calendar to fit. From small press-n-stick calendars starting at $.40 each, on up to full-color fully customized works of art, there’s a calendar perfect to create awareness of your business or brand.
Don’t want to spend a lot of time designing a calendar? Choose from hundreds of pre-made calendars, ready to have your imprint added, such as these: Appointment Calendars. Or for a little more customization, how about options such as coupon add-ons, desk pads, or a fully customized calendar such as these: Custom Calendars. Then there’s all sorts of other options such as planners, commercial calendars, stick up or magnetic calendars, and more: Planners.
When is the best time to buy calendars? Surprisingly, it’s early the year before the calendar’s year. Many suppliers print only a limited number of each style and can run low on inventory towards the fall. There are some suppliers and styles however that do have guaranteed inventories throughout the year. Another advantage to buying before July is discounted pricing, offered by most calendar suppliers.
 Even though we’re starting to wind down the year, there’s still plenty of time available to get those 2011 calendars ordered. What better way to show your thanks to your customers or employees and keep that appreciation in front of them throughout the year?