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Athleisure or Sport Luxe is the term being used for fashionable fitness wear. According to our main apparel source, Sanmar, this is a growing trend as the market for comfortable activewear increases while the demand for denim jeans decreases. Taking a look at my own closet, I’m finding I’ve added mainly these type of pieces to my wardrobe this past year.

Some of the trends and details to look for in this new category:

Sophisticated Colors:
Neutral palettes (think grays and browns) are replacing bold, neon colors, making these fashions more suitable for the office.

Long sleeve shirts with textured hoodies, topped off with tech-fabric jackets to complete the look.

Varsity Details:
Team-inspired details such as baseball jerseys or letterman jackets are popular.

Materials & Detail:
Textures such as mesh and lace add visual interest. Accents of metal or contrast piping elevate the sporty styles to the luxe level.

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