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Still King – Printed Calendars

In a world dominated by electronic devices, does anyone still use an old-fashioned printed calendar?

You bet they do!

The printed calendar still holds an important place in both homes and businesses, which creates an advertising opportunity with great ROI.

Just a few stats, according to a 2011 PPAI study:

1981 – 98% of homes & 100% of businesses had a printed calendar.
30 years later: – 79% of homes & 78% of businesses still had printed calendars.

1981 – 70% of home and 80% of business calendars contained advertising.
30 years later: – 61% of home and 76% of business calendars were still marketing products.

1981 – Every home had nearly 4 calendars and every business had 2.5 calendars.
30 years later: – Homes had 3 and businesses had 2.

As you can see, over the course of 30 years, not a lot changed. Sure, numbers on printed calendars have gone down, but they are still used in a high percentage of homes and businesses.

Looking to reinforce your organization’s name and service or mission? With a calendar, the average person will look at that calendar, and your imprint, 2 – 10 times PER DAY.

Let’s take an average of those, at 6 times per day, times 5 business days per week, times 50 weeks per year (we’ll subtract 2 weeks of vacation time!). That makes 1500 impressions per year. 1500 times your customers will see your name and logo. Pretty good use of advertising dollars, huh?!

If you spend an average of $3.00 per calendar, that less than 1¢ per impression, per year! It’s hard to beat that stat with any other type of advertising or marketing.


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