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Golf Shirts – Understanding Fabrics

In the very popular category of golf and polo shirts, you’ll find a wide array of fabrics, technologies and styles. Below is a quick guide to the most popular types of fabrics and features you’ll find in this apparel category:

Fabric Types

Cotton – This universal fiber comes in many varieties, in order of softness:
Carded: Process which removes the debris in the fibers.
Combed: Shorter fibers are removed, leaving a higher-quality, softer cotton.
Ring-Spun: Fibers are spun into yarn, creating a softer, stronger thread.
Pima: Premium cotton which is very fine, lustrous and strong

Microfiber – Ultra-fine fibers which make a very soft, silky fabric.

Polyester – This fabric has become extremely popular for it’s excellent wear and quick-drying properties.

Spandex – Stretchy fiber which is now often added to materials to create a bit of “give.”

When it comes to polo shirts, the trend is definitely towards polyester or poly blends which also incorporate various technologies.

Finishes or Added Features:

Moisture Wicking – moves moisture away from the skin and allows it to pass to the surface for evaporation, keeping the wearer cooler in hot temperatures.

UV Protection – Protects the fabric from fading and the wearer from harmful UV rays.

Snag-Resistant – Resists snagging and thread-pulling

Odor-Fighting or Antimicrobial – Resists odor caused by body bacteria and increases the garment life.


Jacquard Knit
Ottoman Knit
Pique Knit

Weaves or Styles

Jacquard – Intricate pattern woven into the fabric, typically with two or more colors

Ottoman – Tightly woven horizontal raised rib texture

Drop-Needle – Knit fabric with vertical lines within the cloth

Herringbone – Zig-zag pattern knit into the fabric

Mélange – Mix of different colors knit together to create a heathered look

Nailhead – Jacquard knit with a design similar to small nail heads

Pique – A knitting method that creates a fine textured surface similar to a waffle weave


Wear Tested – The “Not for Polo-Wearing Women” Polo

I am NOT a polo-person. No, not someone who plays polo, but one of many women who don’t like wearing polos. Being in this industry, I see a lot of polos. I see a lot of polos I think look nice. But try as I might, whenever I put one on, I just feel like I should be headed out to the golf course. It’s just not a shirt style I find fits with MY style.

However, I did just recently try out a new style from Sanmar, that I can truthfully say, is now one of my favorite shirts. Never did I think I’d have a polo that made it’s way not only out of my closet, but one I would find myself wanting to wear almost weekly.

What made the difference? A few key things:

L558 Fine Stripe Ladies Polo


  • It doesn’t scream “POLO SHIRT.” The raglan sleeves with ruching give it style women will appreciate. It’s not a man’s shirt.
  • The fabric is soft, light, but not too light, and stretchy.
  • It’s got a contoured silhouette so no more boxy men’s look.
  • The fine stripes give it a rich look.
  • A self fabric collar make it dressier looking than your typical ribbed collar.
  • Its longer length hits just right and doesn’t ride up.
  • Looks great with dressier pants or jeans.


K558 Fine Stripe Men’s Polo

This style also comes with a companion men’s style, which looks and performs just as well. The combination of the two would make a great addition to any employee apparel program or purchases you might have coming up. When buying corporate apparel, you want your employees to look great and feel good about what they are wearing. This definitely fits both of those needs.

For a little more creative touch, think about decorating a small icon on the collar or sleeve in a tone-on-tone thread, instead of the usual left chest. Keeping the decoration professional yet unobtrusive ensures the item will be worn more than just around the office.

Check out all the available colors and more details:  Click here for More Info

The Wicking Myth – Performance Fabrics

What are “performance fabrics?” These are fabrics which are engineered to offer some special feature, usually moisture-wicking capabilities.

Most moisture wicking fabrics are comprised of dual layers, usually an inner layer which wicks the moisture from the skin and an outer layer which allows the moisture to evaporate quickly.
This helps to keep the wearer drier and more comfortable, especially during activities such as golf or running.


There is a wide variety of performance fabrics in the industry and not all of them perform equally. One of our favorite brands, Vantage, tests every lot of their fabrics to make sure they meet their standards for moisture management. We really recommend their apparel not only for their quality standards, but also for their great style and price points for every budget. View them all here: Vantage Performance Apparel
Here’s a great little video they’ve put together which explains the wicking process: Wicking Test Video

Our customers who have purchased these products have responded enthusiastically about how well these shirts work at keeping them comfortable and dry, even when working outside most of the day.
Here’s our happy customers from Bellevue University at a recent golf outing, wearing their Vantage polos. All smiles!!