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Wearable Tech Promos – Hot Items

Wearable tech promos are now a hot ticket in the promotional product industry. Smart bands, smart watches, smart tags, smart everything were all the rage at the big industry shows last month. It’s a trend that’s surely to keep getting bigger.

These items have the ability to appeal to a wide-range of promotional marketing uses:  health and fitness programs, employee incentives, customer gifts, and purchase incentives to name a few. Their usefulness and popularity ensure they will be appreciated and valued.

The Smart Tags can also be a useful item for tagging expensive company equipment used by field techs. It’s a great way to ensure equipment doesn’t get left behind at the site.

Prices are very competitive and in some cases, much less expensive than the name brands. We’ve been surprised to find some of these items at less than half the cost of retail brands. We’re even finding additional features such as remote picture taking and alarms for notifying if you’ve left your phone behind.

These items not only have that “wow” factor, they have a high perceived value. Anyone receiving one is sure to appreciate the gift as well as find it highly useful. All important factors to keeping your brand top of mind.

Since tech item pricing can fluctuate, please contact us for current pricing.

wearable tech promos fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers – Monitor steps and calories, plus connect to phone for caller id and alarm.

wearable tech promos smart tag

Smart Tag – Keep track of your phone and to what the tag is attached.





wearable tech promos tracker bracelet

Smart Band – Displays time, track steps and calories and can display caller id and messages.

wearable tech promos activity bracelet

Sports Fitness Activity Bracelet – Track steps, speed, calories, milage as well as time display.

Bluetooth – Just the Facts (And Some Theories)

We encounter it all the time these days – Bluetooth. Yet, do you really know what it’s all about? And why the heck is it called that?

Here’s some quick facts you can pull out next time you have a bar bet:


  • Why is it called Bluetooth?
    • The developer (Jim Kardach) suggested the name Bluetooth in 1997 as a nod to the Scandinavian 10th century King Harald Bluetooth. The King unified Denmark and Norway, like the technology unites various devices.
  • What is that symbol in the logo?
    • Again, a nod to the Norse. It’s the Nordic runes for the initials “HB.”
  • What is Bluetooth?
    • It’s a technology for connecting devices like computers, speakers, phones, mice, and headsets wirelessly to one another.
  • What is pairing?
    • This is the initial connecting of the devices using a passkey, which is then stored.
  • What is connected?
    • When the devices are able to communicate with one another, they are connected.
  • What kind of range does Bluetooth have?
    • Class 2 Bluetooth, which is most common, has a range of about 33 feet
And now some extra credit, for those of you that really love trivia, and history:
  • How did King Harold get the nickname, “Bluetooth?”
    • 3 Possible Reasons:
      • He had a bad tooth, which was black, and the word “blue” meant “dark.” (most common theory)
      • He was called “Thegn” in England, which meant chief. Since “blue” meant “dark”, his nickname was really “dark chieftain.”
      • He wore blue clothing, which in those time was the most expensive, thus signifying his royal stature.