Character Marketing

Character Marketing – An Emotional Connection

Character Marketing – We’ve all grown up with them, and see them in action nearly every day – mascots and characters representing a brand. Some, like the Aflac duck or the Geico gecko, have helped propel a company’s brand recognition. Others, like the McDonald’s Happy, a grinning Happy Meal box, came across as creepy, rather than fun and inviting.

Characters aren’t just for kids. They can appeal to a wide audience and help to strengthen the brand recognition and appeal.

A strong character or mascot can bring value to your marketing plan:

• Create media exposure and excitement

• Generate goodwill for your brand

• Provide a voice for the company’s social conscience

• Create a rallying icon for community identification

• Provide tie-in identification at point of sale and to sell products

According to Artistic Toy, a top supplier of plush characters, it’s important to develop an emotional connection to your character or mascot. This can be done by creating a story about the character. Explain it’s vulnerabilities, sources of conflict and connect it to your brand. Know what your character represents and use that to elicit an emotional response with your audience.

For examples of plush representations of brand characters, check out  Artistic Toy’s Website

Character Marketing

Click to read more on character marketing and how it can work for you at Artistic Toy — One of our preferred suppliers of plush.

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