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Camo + Activewear = Fun Performance

Camo-themed items has been a hot design trend the past couple years. From coolies and tumblers to hats and bags, it seems to be everywhere.

Now, new for 2015, camo is taken a step further:  incorporated into trendy, fashionable designs in active and sportswear, from our favorite warehouse supplier, Sanmar.

They’ve rolled out a new line called Camohex – a sublimated digital camo design which uses hexagons in a tonal pattern. Available in a variety of colors on several styles, it’s a great way to update your activewear look.

All items are moisture-wicking 100% polyester – a great base for screen printing or heat transfer imprints.  And with a variety of colors, there’s plenty of options available. The tees make a great alternative to standard tshirts. Tagless and lightweight, they perform wonderfully for runs or special events.

Sport Tek Camohex Colorblock Hoodies
Sport Tek Youth Camohex Tee


Sport Tek Camohex Ladies Tees
Sport Tek Camohex Tees
Sport Tek Camohex Hoodies
Sport Tek Camohex Caps

The Wicking Myth – Performance Fabrics

What are “performance fabrics?” These are fabrics which are engineered to offer some special feature, usually moisture-wicking capabilities.

Most moisture wicking fabrics are comprised of dual layers, usually an inner layer which wicks the moisture from the skin and an outer layer which allows the moisture to evaporate quickly.
This helps to keep the wearer drier and more comfortable, especially during activities such as golf or running.


There is a wide variety of performance fabrics in the industry and not all of them perform equally. One of our favorite brands, Vantage, tests every lot of their fabrics to make sure they meet their standards for moisture management. We really recommend their apparel not only for their quality standards, but also for their great style and price points for every budget. View them all here: Vantage Performance Apparel
Here’s a great little video they’ve put together which explains the wicking process: Wicking Test Video

Our customers who have purchased these products have responded enthusiastically about how well these shirts work at keeping them comfortable and dry, even when working outside most of the day.
Here’s our happy customers from Bellevue University at a recent golf outing, wearing their Vantage polos. All smiles!!