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Package It Right – 3 Tips for Presenting Your Gift

So you’ve selected the perfect gift item to give to your customers, team or staff. You’ve paid attention to every detail – item selection, color, imprint area, decorating method and cost. Everything’s been ordered, proofed and approved, and you’re just awaiting it’s arrival at your door.

Except…could you possibly be forgetting something that can help really impact the presentation of the gift? How are you planning to present it to the recipients? Pull the items out of the shipping box they came in? Grab them from a pile?

How about a custom box or container instead? You spent all this time getting the item just right, don’t you want the packaging to be just as important and impactful?

Packaging doesn’t just have to be a gift wrapped box. Think outside of the box for some unique ways to present your gift:

1.  Tumblers and Sports Bottles
Yes, that’s right, tumblers! Large tumblers can make great packaging for smaller items, and can even fit smaller rolled-up tshirts. Of course, they make great containers for smaller items, such as candies, desk accessories, pens, lip balms and golf balls and tees.

2.  Totes and Bags
An obvious choice, right? With so many sizes, shapes and colors, finding the match for your gift should be no problem. Larger bags make great packaging for multiple items also. And the nice thing about a bag for gift packaging, it’s reusable and appreciated on it’s own as part of the gift.


3.  Custom Boxes and Cans
Don’t be afraid of custom box packaging. By dropping your own graphics and design into pre-made templates, custom boxes can be a very affordable and unique presentation. And with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, your options are limitless.