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Golf Shirts – Understanding Fabrics

In the very popular category of golf and polo shirts, you’ll find a wide array of fabrics, technologies and styles. Below is a quick guide to the most popular types of fabrics and features you’ll find in this apparel category:

Fabric Types

Cotton – This universal fiber comes in many varieties, in order of softness:
Carded: Process which removes the debris in the fibers.
Combed: Shorter fibers are removed, leaving a higher-quality, softer cotton.
Ring-Spun: Fibers are spun into yarn, creating a softer, stronger thread.
Pima: Premium cotton which is very fine, lustrous and strong

Microfiber – Ultra-fine fibers which make a very soft, silky fabric.

Polyester – This fabric has become extremely popular for it’s excellent wear and quick-drying properties.

Spandex – Stretchy fiber which is now often added to materials to create a bit of “give.”

When it comes to polo shirts, the trend is definitely towards polyester or poly blends which also incorporate various technologies.

Finishes or Added Features:

Moisture Wicking – moves moisture away from the skin and allows it to pass to the surface for evaporation, keeping the wearer cooler in hot temperatures.

UV Protection – Protects the fabric from fading and the wearer from harmful UV rays.

Snag-Resistant – Resists snagging and thread-pulling

Odor-Fighting or Antimicrobial – Resists odor caused by body bacteria and increases the garment life.


Jacquard Knit
Ottoman Knit
Pique Knit

Weaves or Styles

Jacquard – Intricate pattern woven into the fabric, typically with two or more colors

Ottoman – Tightly woven horizontal raised rib texture

Drop-Needle – Knit fabric with vertical lines within the cloth

Herringbone – Zig-zag pattern knit into the fabric

Mélange – Mix of different colors knit together to create a heathered look

Nailhead – Jacquard knit with a design similar to small nail heads

Pique – A knitting method that creates a fine textured surface similar to a waffle weave


It’s the Experience – Maui Jim

Looking for an innovative, fun experience for a golf event, corporate meeting, or employee appreciation? The Maui Jim Fitting Experience brings a great product and an even better experience to your location.

Maui Jim brings in their expertly-trained employees who assist with fitting and selection.

Options start with a minimum of 100 pairs. The glasses retain the Maui Jim logo, with options for custom imprinting the cases with your imprint.

Take a look at the video below to see what a great experience and memory it creates for it’s recipients.

The Maui Jim Experience is just another type of promotional marketing service from The Creative J, and a great example of how the right experience leaves the best impression.

Top It Off – A Little Out of the Ordinary

When it comes to golf tournaments, seems everyone gravitates towards the traditional golf cap. Be it structured, unstructured, 5-panel, 6-panel, or performance fabric, they’re all pretty much the same:

Why not mix it up a little bit and try something totally different this year, make your event the one that gets remembered for the item they’ve never received before.

How about a straw hat, ala Greg Norman?

Choose from a variety of styles and colored hatbands to fit your event. Bands can be embroidered or screen printed.

A hat like this won’t likely get tossed in that stack of caps in the closet. Every time the recipient puts it on, they will be reminded of the great time they had at your golf event!

And that’s what marketing is all about!