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Charge It Right – Power Banks

Power banks and charging devices have become very popular this year as a way to keep your tech items charged while away from home.

But trying to figure out which device will power your needs can be confusing. Thanks to one of our favorite suppliers, Gemline, here’s an easy-to-read chart explaining what you need to know.

Simply put – find your device, note the mAh it requires, then purchase a power bank with at least that amount of charging power (if you want to be able to fully charge that one device).

If you need to fully charge more than one device on a single charge, you’ll need to add the mAh’s to find the total amount you will need.

If your power bank contains only a fraction of the total mAh your device requires, then it can charge your device, just not fully.


Charge Ahead – Mobile Power Banks

One of the most popular products this year is mobile device chargers or power banks. It seem almost every supplier in our industry has added a variety of chargers, all with different price points and mAh levels.


And what the heck is an mAh?


Milliampere hours, or mAh, is the standard measurement of battery capacity. The more mAh a battery has, the longer it will run. Likewise, the higher the mAh number on the portable charger, the more it will be able to charge.


So what is a good mAh amount for a charger? Well, it all depends on what you need or want to charge. Here’s some mAh levels for some common devices:

mobile phone

samsung phone


iPhone 5S: 1570
Galaxy S3: 2100
Galaxy Note: 2500
iPad Air: 8820
iPad 3: 11,560


With this in mind, now look at the mAh level on the charger:


2200 mAh: Can fully charge an iPhone or a Galaxy S3
4400 mAh: Can fully charge the above and a Galaxy Note, with charge left over
5200 mAh: Fully charges all the above and about 60% of an iPad 3
11,000 mAh: Fully charge most all devices, or charge more than one device at a time.


So, which device is right for you? It depends on how you want to use it. Do you just need enough power to charge your device for a couple hours before you can get to an electrical source? Do you need to be able to charge multiple devices at the same time or before recharging the power bank? Do you want the device to display the amount of charging capacity left? Do you need multiple inputs?


Once you narrow down how you will use your power bank, then it’s just a matter of selecting the charger to fit your needs.


When it comes to electronics, we like to stick with suppliers who will back up their product. We also will only suggest items which have been certified for safety.

Why are memory prices increasing?

Seems memory prices keep increasing lately. According to the AppleInsider, October 9 edition, the demand for flash memory has outstripped the supply due to the popularity of devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Demand in the third quarter exceeded supply by 1.3 percent, and expected to grow to a 3.3 percent deficit during the upcoming holiday season.

Demand is expected to grow 81 percent in 2010 due to the growth of smartphone sales. It’s expected for manufacturers to meet that demand in the first half of the year, but by the end of 2010, demand is expected to outstrip supply again.

We’ve noticed here the past year that memory prices change on a weekly basis with most of our suppliers. Now with this announcement, it’s important to keep in mind that the quote you get on Wednesday will most likely change Friday afternoon.

The Creative J will always do our best to search out the best pricing for your flash memory needs. However, as memory becomes more and more in demand and supplies lessen, our options may not be as plentiful as earlier in the year.