Ever wonder what the difference between a rollerball and a ballpoint pen was? Well, even if you haven’t, you’re gonna find out!

Rollerballs use water-based ink instead of oil-based inks found in ballpoints. Since the water-based ink is less viscous, it will saturate the paper more and write smoother than the oil-based inks in ballpoints.

Rollerballs have some advantages over ballpoints, but there are some disadvantages you’ll want to keep in mind too:
• Rollerballs tend to write smoother and take less pressure, allowing them to be more comfortable to use and quicker writing speed.
• Wider range of ink colors
• Finer lines and more clear
• Consistent ink flow and skip less.
• More likely to smudge since they dry slower — so not a good idea for left-handers or kids
• Bleed through on paper
• They run out of ink quicker because more ink is used
• Can dry out – shelf life is typically 1-2 years
• Airplane cabin pressure can cause them to leak.
So, when choosing your pen type, it is important to consider who will be using them and how they will be used. You certainly don’t want to order rollerball pens for executives who will be flying with their pens. We actually had a Bic rep come visit us this week with a VERY leaky rollerball – caused by flying. Val had ink all over, but we learned something new!