Can you believe summer is over, school has started and ads for holiday gifts are starting to pop up? What happened to this year? Seems the older I get, the faster the year flies by.

Almost daily we are starting to get catalogs and emails from our suppliers about holiday gifts. Believe it or not, now’s the time to start thinking about what your company is going to do this year for employee and customer gifts.
Some items, like chocolates and other food stuffs are discounted right now through the end of September. If you order now, these suppliers will even hold off on shipping until November or December, or whenever you like. A great way to get those orders taken care of now and avoid the stress of getting them done last minute in December! Click here to check out some really yummy ideas.
A common holiday handout is calendars, and it’s time to order those while supplies last. Many calendars are printed at the beginning of the year and not replenished. We’ve found some styles are out of stock in the fall, so it’s best to order soon. Most calendar companies will offer discounts for orders placed before July 1. To check out a variety of styles and sizes, click here.
A lot of businesses out there will tell us they like to just hand out gift cards or money for their holiday gifts. Studies have shown that giving a gift instead of money will last in the recipient’s memory much longer. Recipients of money will tend to use it to pay off bills and not remember how they used it a year later. When they receive an actual gift, especially one branded with your company’s logo, they remember each time they use it how and when they received it. Their appreciation for the giver is reinforced each time they use their gift.
So although we’re still feeling the heat of summer, it’s time to start looking ahead and thinking about those cool months to come, and how you plan to thank your customers and your employees.